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DS-100 Plus
Portable Color Doppler System with ECHO


  • 15 inch LCD Monitor
  • 2 Probe Connector
  • B,B/B,B/M,4B
  • Color Doppler Flow Imaging
  • Power Doppler/Directional PD
  • Power Doppler Imaging
  • CWD
  • Multi beam forming
  • Beam forming optimization
  • Speckle Resistance
  • Spatial Compound Imaging
  • Phased Inversion Harmonic Compound Imaging (HCI)
  • Large Capacity Integrated Hard disk
  • S-Video, Video out, VGA out, USB Ports, Ethernet port, Remote control, Foot switch
  • Measurements and calculation packages for ABD, OB/GYN, URO, CARD, ORTHO, SMALL PARTS, VAS, ANAES & CARDIO)